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While Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu stars the coolest romantic comedy film in cinemas this month, Bride For Rent, with 100 million earnings for its first four days, the Pinoy Big Brother winner-turned-teleserye sweetheart also shines with her ready-to-wear wedding gowns business, Adorata Weddings+.


The sweet and charming teenage girl is now a business woman. Kim Chiu, who become known when she won the reality series Pinoy Big Brother in 2006, is entering another world apart from showbiz. In an exclusive interview with Hola! Philippines, she shared her two business ventures—a bake shop and a Potato Corner franchise. Chiu shares: “Showbiz is not forever. It’s not forever that you’re sikat (famous) or you’re known to everybody. When you have a business kasi, it lasts.”

Kim Chiu in an exclusive interview with Hola! Philippines Team at Adorata Weddings+, located at PT Sqaure Bldg. 85, P. Tuazon, Brgy. San Martin de Pores in Cubao, Quezon City

Three years ago, the 23-year-old actress’ goal was to have her own house. Now that she’s been doing business and got her dream home, she explores more stable options on how to gain more income and now partners with two of the most celebrated fashion designers in the industry, Pepsi Herrera and Edwin Tan, for a wedding gowns shop named Adorata Weddings+. The two are Chiu’s trusted designers who make her gowns for special and formal occasions. Another business partner is Arlyn Timog.

“It’s (business) a different world compared to showbiz. I tried this, because it’s not a big risk for me, kasi four kami dito [we’re four here (in the business)]. Interesting s’ya (it’s interesting), kasi para s’yang (because it’s like a) store in the States, that when it opens at 7:00am, all of the brides-to-be will be rushing to our shop to buy their gowns. It’s ready-to-wear, so hindi na sila mahihirapan (they won’t have a hard time) to think what kind of design they want for their wedding. Plus super affordable,” Chiu says.


Adorata, which means union of souls, is a go-to shop for ready-to-wear and less expensive wedding gowns and men's suits that have designer-quality. Price per piece starts for as low as P35,000. Their highest-priced wedding gown is P120,000. It officially launched last December 2013 with a fashion show in A-Venue Mall that featured celebrities wearing the pieces, such as Julia Montes, Aiko Melendez and Angeline Quinto.

Models wearing creations from Adorata Weddings+

You can have the unconventional color for wedding gowns from Adorata Weddings+

With the skillful hands of two fashion design icons who have primarily been partners in the business for more than 20 years, Herrera and Tan, the newly opened wedding gowns shop promises sophisticated and beautiful pieces for unforgettable and momentous events.

Edwin Tan, Kim Chiu and Pepsi Herrera

“There are so many people who come to us who have different needs. Most of the time, they don’t know what specific design they want and then what I just tell my clients is “trust me.” This (Adorata) is for those people who are busy, those who don’t have time and for those who want to get married without hassle. Now, at least, they have a place that they can go to. And this is designer-made,” shared Tan, one of the co-owners.

Adorata is expected to have branches in Cebu and Davao soon.


Asked if Chiu and the partners decided to launch the store at the same time when her latest film Bride For Rent is being showcased in cinemas, the young actress claimed that the concept was planned ahead in June 2013 before doing shoots for the movie. The official launch of the store had a perfect timing when the movie is all abuzz. 

Directed by Mae Czarina Cruz, the romantic comedy film Bride For Rent features a cute and cool story between two people who have different goals for their own families. Chiu, who plays as “Rocky”, is a determined girl who is always willing to do anything to provide for her family. Lim, on the other hand who plays as “Rocco”, is a young and rich guy who looks for an impersonator-wife for him to be able to get the trust fund from his grandmother. The love story starts when Chiu got the role of Lim’s wife from an audition.

Watch the trailer here:

In a press conference in promotion for the movie last January 7, 2014, Chiu got into a little controversy with a journalist because of her answer on what’s the real score between her and on-screen partner Lim. The issue was almost all over entertainment websites.

News reports include that Chiu offended the interviewer with her rude answer, which claimed a phrase “we don’t owe you an explanation.”

Chiu shares: “I feel so sad about it. Kasi dinagdagan nila yung (because they added up to the) story. Even if it’s not true, siyempre kumalat yung mga bad things (of course the bad things had spread out)–yung mga (the) I don’t owe you an explanation. Hindi ko naman sinabi ‘yon (I didn’t say that). What I said was I don’t owe you our personal lives. Iba naman ‘yon (that’s different). They (other people) judge even if they don’t know the real story. And if you watch the press con video, it’s not that harsh. When someone asks you in a harsh way, siyempre masasaktan ka din (of course you’ll get hurt).”

Chiu shares her honest feelings towards Lim: “What we have right now is something special. Ayaw naming pangunahan ng mga tao at press saying na nauumay na kami sa inyo (We don’t want people and the press to assume, when they say they get tired of us). Ano bang pakeelam n’yo kung gusto ko pa mag enjoy? (What do they care about if I still want to enjoy?) We don’t want to rush things. For now, it’s special.”


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